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Become A partner

There are so many companies having so much potential to grow and faster than their current growth but sometimes they come to come limitation of business circumstances and it stops or slows down the growth. This is the time when you require a helping hand.
We are always interested to be part of your growth by providing IT services like software development, server management, remote infrastructure management and more.

If you are looking to outsource the work or looking for partnership with a company then you are at the right place. We can have partnership and design a working model which works for both of us.

Contact For Partnership

Who can have partnership with us?


  • An individual who just has started the business or willing to start
  • A company lacking of IT resources
  • A company want to outsource projects
  • A company or a person looking for very reasonable price


Benefit of having partnership with us.

  • Peace of mind
  • No physical infrastructure required
  • No need to spend money of manpower appointment
  • No need to spend money on manpower management
  • One point of contact for almost all kind of IT services
  • No need to spend on ongoing expenses like computer, electricity etc…
  • Can show us as your team to your client to give confidence to finalize deal easily
  • Can concentrate on your business development and leave all the technical tasks on us.
  • Can provide support to your client through your chat and ticketing system ( On request )

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Thanks for the request of quotation. Someone from our team will get back to you soon. If in case you need to communicate please feel free to sent a mail to

Become An Affiliate

Netedge Technology has gain a solid reputation for high quality server management services and you can get the rewards of our years of hard work.

Our Program was built for those who want to earn maximum commission for referring customers to netedge. We have developed a platform in such a way that any affiliates earn money without adding extra efforts from the routine work. Here's why it makes excellent business sense to choose the Netedge technology:

  • No need to invest upfront on the manpower, equipments and premises
  • No administration hassles
  • Quick registration
  • Link your website and confirm the order
  • Attractive affiliates package
  • Wide range of services gives chance to earn more revenue

  The Netedge Affiliate Program was built from the ground up to provide you the best services necessary to earn high    commissions with minimal investment. Simply send the customer to our website and let us to do the rest of the work, Start earning commission today!


Affiliate Packages

Plain Server Management
Control Panel Management
Hourly Technocal Support
Game Server Management
Monitoring Services
Server Migration
Server Security
One Time Server Setup
Remote Infrastructure Management
Datacenter Services
Infrastructure Automation
Cloud Infrastructure Management
Database Replication
Remote Desktop Support
Web Hosting Support
Dedicated Staffing
Shared Staffing
Software Development
15 - 20 %
Search Engine Optimization
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