Internet Of Things (IOT) Development

Modern technology and digital revolution have changed the face of communication across the globe. There has been a major evolution in the ways we can communicate and exchange data, since the invention of internet and computers. Latest in trend is ‘Internet Of Things (IOT)’. We are now keen on having smart phones and smart homes and smart gadgets and smart everything.

The technology that has made this possible is called IOT- Internet of things. IOT is a digital revolution that introduces the physical objects to the virtual world of internet. These object or devices are embedded with processors, sensors and hardware that enables them to receive and transfer data from their surroundings and act as per the data received, without any or with minimum human intervention.  This technology is a success due to the tiny components that support it and the unlimited availability of internet at Office or homes and other establishments.  It has given us an access to unlimited data and information that we could not get earlier. The technology can be applied to simple day to day devices and objects like shoes, watches, cell phones, security systems, automobiles etc  as well are commercial and industrial equipment. IOT on personal front lets an individual foray into the matters pertaining to health, security, safety etc like being able to monitor health through the sensors fit in shoes, watches or cell phones, assuring the safety at our homes in spite of being away, taking a shorter and less congested route to any destination with the help of cell phones or other navigation devices. IOT has made all this possible. Industries can use IOT technology to improve the processes they undertake to make it more productive, reduce wastage and be warned of any unforeseen circumstances or down time. It is especially a boon for them since it throws a wider net over the entire operations and the huge manpower.


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