Web Application Development

Netedge Technology specializes in the development of customized web applications. A standout amongst the best Web development companies in India, we are very much arranged to build up any sort of Custom Web application. Our software engineers are prepared to deal with the whole scope of your product needs such as identification of required programming, examination of the product needs, definite detail of the product prerequisites, software design, programming, testing, support and so on.

Some of the specific services provided by the Netedge Software team are:

Custom Application Development
We provide specialized web development services to our clients based on their specific business requirements. We have demonstrated experience in delivering high performance web application services of varying types with complex functionalities. Web applications developed by software developers at Netedge have contributed significantly to our clients' revenues and helped increase profitability.

Web Development
Netedge team uses open source technologies for developing portal websites. These are usually extensive sites with a number of pages. We also work on third party customization to help reduce execution time. Our portal websites are powered by client specified business rules set in the database.

Software Migration
Our software engineers are skilled at performing migration or reengineering of applications from existing platforms to newer ones. We also help you move from older legacy technologies to new open technologies. Our approach ensures that while the knowledge of existing applications is retained, you are able to reap the benefits of new technologies.

Application Maintenance
Netedge Technology not just provides customized application development services, but also assists in maintaining and updating them. Our software engineers provide services related to troubleshooting and bug fixing, implementing new features, implementing changes to suit changing business needs etc. This ensures smooth operations for any business and also does away with the hassles of having to redevelop applications.

Our constant endeavor is to update our knowledge of the latest technologies to provide our customers right and effective solutions. We are here as your partner to understand your software needs and tailor software applications for you. Our approach is to offer the best services at optimal cost.

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