Home & Office Automation

Since the beginning of internet, technology keeps on changing, rather improving. In early days the adoption of technology was slow so the technology development. As soon as the year passed people started understanding the importance and benefit of technology and they started adopting it. Since people started adopting the technology, development and improvement of technology also started speeding up. In early days people were thinking of technology as computer and internet only but now technology has come to your palm and it has grown up to automation not only in production units but also in homes and offices. We are at a stage where we can automate almost everything in the home and office starting from security, to lighting, cooling system, Audio, Pool, Spa and lot more.

Adopting new technologies has been in the core of Netedge Technology and Home and Office Automation is part of it. Home and Office automation is a booming technology and everyone has started adopting. This is becoming a basic requirement of any home and office for the ease of operations, security and comfort.

Home Automation

Home Automation is part of IOT (Internet Of Things). When all the devices like TV, Lights, CCTV Camera, Audio, Video, Wifi, Curtains, Door Locks, AC and other home appliances connected in a way that it can be managed centrally and automatically by using one interface or software is called Home Automation.
With Home Automation you can program how the device should work according to your choice and requirements as it can be fully customizable.
Here are
few slides for your better understanding


Office Automation

Office Automation is as necessary as home automation.By using office automation you can reduce monthly expenses like electricity etc up to 20%. You can manage all the applicances like Lights, CCTV Camera, Audio, Video, Wifi, Curtains, Door Locks, AC etc from centralized application and customize it as much as you need.

It can help to monitor your office remotely, receive alerts on your mobile if anything goes wrong and lot more.

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