Datacenter Support And Management

Now a days the definition of datacenter is not limited to webhosting. There are multiple types of datacenter you can design and implement based on your requirement (e.g. Webhosting, Cloud, Private cloud etc). Datacenter Services includes all the facilities and components and activities required for any type of datacenter. It can be webhosting, private, application hosting or cloud. This is the environment which provides Servers, Networking, Management, Storage etc. We are providing any service a datacenter requires. It can be planning, designing, implementation and management.

We have been dealing with
datacenters and its services since more than 10 years. We are expert in datacenter management.

Technical Consulting Service

By providing Technical Consulting Service we help organizations to design, implement or improve the infrastructure. Technical consulting services are specific services that covers all the consulting service starting from basic requirement understanding to implementation or entire infrastructure. By providing technical consulting service of datacenter we make sure that we have covered all the aspects of the business requirement like best optimized setup, scalability etc.. Technical consulting service includes.

  • Knowing current profile
  • Knowing purpose
  • Understanding requirement
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Expected results
  • Designing network infrastructure
  • Designing server infrastructure

Ongoing Management Service

We are providing ongoing datacenter management service. It includes onsite and remote. We do provide resources and manage entire datacenter remotely by providing support to your clients through you ticketing system and chat. The ongoing management includes

  • Asset Management
  • Change Management
  • Scalability Management
  • Appointing support staff
  • 24x7 coverage
  • Weekly and Monthly maintenance
  • Security configuration and auditing
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • 24x7 chat and ticketing support

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