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Servers are the backbone of the IT industry, but most organizations have to focus on their core business. Server administration, maintenance, and optimization are time consuming and challenging processes. Thus, companies need to ensure that modern tools and methods are applied to keeping their products updated. This helps in building competitive and scalable software products while rendering a seamless user experience. However, it is not possible to look after the IT infrastructure, and often companies resort to hiring help at the last moment when they face problems like a server crash/security breach.


Netedge offers premium remote server management services to firms in Australia, UK, and the US for end to end service management. Being a market leader in IT infrastructure development with a proven track record as a server management company, our experts will refine your server utilization. We provide 27x7 server maintenance, troubleshooting support, integration, analysis, and optimization. Netedge offers its technical services for both Windows and Linux servers.


Our hosting control panel management services are hailed as one the best for companies with shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers alike. Data centers and SaaS startups can also benefit from Netedge’s server management outsourcing services. We also provide game server management services as a part of our extensive coverage for infrastructure operations.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Remote Server Management To Netedge

Hiring our services will relieve you of any server related tasks and improve all aspects of managing them like server memory management to installations and OS updates. We will also provide you with a highly automated control panel and gated access for your users. Below are some of the other benefits that make us the right choice for your business:

Dedicated And Certified Server Management Experts For You

At Netedge, we assign the work to only certified and seasoned technocrats to give you an upper edge when it comes to the IT infrastructure. Our team receives periodic learning and development sessions, and we also use the latest tools and techniques to keep our processes updated. With us, you can focus on your businesses without worrying about any technical glitches.

High System Stability And Security

One of the major benefits of using a wide array of tools and implementation techniques is getting high stability and security. Our solutions are designed to aid both of these aspects for scalability and to cater to a smooth user experience.

Unmatched Flexibility For Your Managed Cloud Services

With our dedicated server management services, you will get unmatched flexibility for new installations, integrations, as well as adding new functionalities. Netedge empowers you to scale your business without worrying about technicalities.

24x7 Quality Support Available

Netedge ensures that you always get professional assistance because of every minute matters for online businesses. You can contact us at any time to get our expert guidance within 30 minutes.

Get your Server Management Solutions by 24X7

Are you still looking for your server to be managed at best rates? Reach us by our 24*7 Support team via email and chat. 

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Our Server Management Services

Linux Server Management

Netedge is a market-leading IT infrastructure services provider, and we help businesses manage their Linux OS-based server environments beyond traditional approaches. Usually, companies find it challenging to manage their IT infrastructure due to the fact that it demands in-depth knowledge and continuous engagement.

Windows Server Management

Our Windows certified professionals provide an end to end solution ranging from Windows server setup, configuration, patches, security, troubleshooting, CI/CD to emergency consulting in cases like cyber breach and disaster recovery.

Control Panel Management

Our hosting control panel plans allow you to manage your websites, software, and applications with great ease. Netedge helps you scale as you grow your business using hosting automation platforms like CPanel, Plesk, CentOS Web Panel, or and others. Outsourcing the web hosting control panel frees your staff from creating, automating, and maintaining server management tasks. Our technical and support teams will handle the entire server configuration, including FTP, web databases, email, SSH, control panel disk management. 

Game Server Management

When it comes to hosting servers for gaming, things turn extreme. You will need a game server manager who ensures that your hardware, OS, applications, security, latency, network, and support are heavily tuned to render the best gaming experience.

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