Shared Staffing Service

Shared staffing service is useful to the clients who doesn't have budget to keep dedicated staff but still they need to achieve business requirement like 24x7 availability etc.. We are providing shared resources in 3 types of shifts. 4 hours, 8 hours(2 staff Members) and 12 hours (3 staff members) shifts. This helps client to make sure that they have the team available almost all the time with reduced rate. We have a very good team of executives. We are available 24x7 so we can allocate the resources according to client’s requirement. We are providing resources to any kind of companies with Lavel1, Lavel2, Lavel3 and Lavel4 support. We provide support through email, chat and ticketing system depending upon the requirement of the client.
Dedicated Support Executive (Level1, Level2, Level3, Level4). Please send a mail to or through live chat for further query.

Shared support staff

  • Shared support staff will be shared with another client. So he will be taking care of multiple client's tasks in his shift.
  • Shared support staff will be available 4 hours a day 5 days a week
  • Support staff will be available to handle unlimited tickets
  • Support staff will be available through email, chat and ticketing system
  • Support staff will do proactive communication with the client as well as datacenter as and when required
  • It included 24x7 server monitoring
  • It includes full server administration
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Full Server Management
  • Server Security configuration
  • Server Optimization
  • Communication with Datacenter
  • 24x7 Server Monitoring
  • 30 mins average response time

Shared programmer

  • We can appoint programmers with the knowledge of any kind of programming language based on client requirement like PHP, .Net, JAVA etc..
  • Programmer will be available 4 hours a day 5 days a week
  • Programmer will be available on email and chat
  • Programmer will be share with 2-3 other clients

Help desk support

  • Sales and admin Live Chat support
  • Email support
  • Ticketing support
  • Phone support

What are the support Levels?

Level 1 = It includes support like basic configuration where we do not require login details of client’s servers. On Level1 support we guide clients but we do not work on behalf of client. E.g. how to add domain in Cpanel. How to update NS of the domain etc.

Level 2 = It includes Intermediate level of support e.g. web server configuration changes, DNS modification, account creation, Password reset etc. We do require login details for this lever of support as we will need to login to client’s system to perform the tasks.

Level 3 = It includes all the technical support. E.g. Installation and configuration of server from scratch, regular maintenance, Backup configuration, Load balancing and almost everything need to be done for client’s servers.

Lever 4 = It includes all the tasks of Level3 as well as planning and management. E.g. Understanding client’s requirement, planning according to client’s requirement, designing infrastructure, implementing infrastructure and suggesting client for the change if required in future. This is somewhat similar to Manager Level.

Please send a mail to or through live chat for further query

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