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Remote Infrastructure Management

Netedge Technology helps businesses to manage risk and control costs by reducing total cost of ownership, speedy deployment, standardizing support processes and letting the business focus on its core competencies. We are providing 24x7 ongoing maintenance of infrastructure like Server management, Desktop support for the corporate management, Web-Hosting, infrastructure management, Datacenter management. These services address the requirements of organizations for effective monitoring and management of their infrastructure including servers, operating systems, networks, database, application, storage etc.

Netedge Technology has experience in designing, building and installing Network Operation Centers (NOC) to monitor intensive control facilities. Netedge Technology can provide entire solutions by handling everything you need including NOC design, network and support infrastructure monitoring.

We start by analyzing your specific needs and goals for the project including the operational requirement, space limitations, time constraints and budget objective

  • Initial consulting:
  • Ongoing Maintenance and support:
  • 24x7 monitoring:
  • Webhosting Infrastructure Management:
  • Corporate Infrastructure Management:
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