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Nelichso ( A Live Chat Softwre )

Nelichso is a live chat support software. It helps companies to provide fast sales and technical support to their clients and helps to improve customer satisfaction. The package of Nelichso start from “ FREE” however the paid packages are very cheap too.
You can integrate “ Nelichso “ just in 10 minutes after registration and start providing support. Please feel free to check or you can contact our Nelichso team at if you have any query or create a ticket at

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SystemAdminTalk ( Discussion forum for IT industry )

SystemAdminTalk ( SAT ) is a discussion forum for systems administrators, webhosting companies, and software developers. However, anyone looking for any help, information or discuss anything related to IT services, He or she can come to this website and explore the knowledge or get help from other forum users.

As of now we are running an advertising campaign. We provide free advertise of your company for 1 month. You can look at for more details.
You can contact our SAT support department at if in case you have any query.
For sales =
For support=

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